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Second Annual 2003 Midwinter Antenna Raising

Special Thanks to Jack KB1GCK for providing us with these photos
of the well publicized 2003 Midwinter Antenna Raising at his home in Seabrook, NH.

This was the team of helpers.  From left to right: Joe K1JEK, Chris KA1GJU, Bill K1BNH,
Bob N1WBD, Addison N1KTF, Dave N1VZX, and a happy and thankful Jack KB1GCK !

This is Jack KB1GCK testing his new Cobra HF Antenna setup at is Ham station.
This is also the image he will soon be putting on his new set of QSL Cards.

Jack is now in ladder line heaven!  What's a little snow?  Winter antenna work is the only way to go.
Having fun and working together.  Team work.  With this group, the colder the better!!