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W1SRA / 147.000Mhz  / Negative Offset / 100.0 PL Tone
Welcome to the Sunday Night Net each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.
we remember
The SRA Sunday Net:

Current Sunday 7:30pm Net Control Operator Schedule:

    Jeffrey, N1XUQ 

      Net Manager  

Net Control Schedule


The SRA is currently seeking new individuals as Net Control Stations.  No experience is necessary, although a reasonable RF signal into the repeater is recommended.  You do not need to be a member of the SRA to participate as a Net Control Operator.  If interested please contact Jeffrey, N1XUQ for a listing in the next Net-Ops rotation.  E-mail:
Easy Guide to SRA Sunday Net Control Ops:
Coming up with a net topic is completely at your discretion.  This subject does not always need to be 100% Ham related. 

It's a good idea to read through the Preamble a few times for practice before you start the net.  Perhaps even a day or so before the net.

To get started you will need a pad of paper, a few writing utensils, and a comfortable chair.  Perhaps a glass of water.  At the top of your paper create 3 columns.  Call Sign - Name - Location. 

Relax.  Don't watch the clock and don't panic.  At 8pm you are in the Net-Ops drivers seat.  Take a deep breath.  Have some fun!

Suggested Net Preamble:
(It's okay to personalize.... Really...)

Calling All Radio Amateurs - Calling All Radio Amateurs -

This is (Call Sign).  My name is (Name) and I'm located in (Town).
Welcome to the Sunday Net.  This net is sponsored by the Saddleback Repeater Association and meets each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.

The Net is open to all Radio Amateurs.  We especially welcome new Amateurs and visitors and travelers in our area.  Our primary purpose is to foster friendship and to get to know each other a little better.
From time to time, we will transmit announcements from club officers and bulletins and other information of general interest to Amateurs.

To allow for emergency traffic, I request that you wait for the courtesy tone between transmissions and that you drop the repeater periodically if your transmission is longer than a couple of minutes.
I will now start the call-up.  If you are mobile, please signify, and I will call for your comments first.

Check-in's now, your call-sign, first name, and location please.....

If the check-in's are coming in too fast and you are having difficulty keeping up, don't be afraid to ask them to slow down a little.  A good way to do this is to have the check-in's give their call-sign phonetically. 

After the first call-up go through your list for confirmation and/or corrections. 

Tell the check-in's what your suggested topic is.  Quite often check-in's will bring other topics of interest to the net. 

The net format usually goes through the call-up list twice.  Mobile stations first.  Pausing every 10 minutes or so and asking for more check-in's.  Remember to re-ID your station by your first name and call-sign.

Before closing the net, ask for any last minute check-in's or final comments.

Closing Statement:
(please modify it as you see fit.)

This will now be the last call-up.... 
Any more last minute comments or late check-in's?.... 
If so, please come, first name, and location... 
Hearing nothing further...
I will now close the net.. 
Our address is..

Saddleback Repeater Assoc.iation

394 Meaderboro Rd

Farmington, NH 03835

For SRA Membership, we will need your name, call-sign, home and e-mail address, and a phone number. 

Dues are $20.00 per year. 
Family dues are $25.00 per year. 
New Hams - One year free Membership.

Our Membership application can also be found online at the SRA Club Web site:
Anyone with an interest in becoming a New Net Control Operator? 
This weekly-net can be a good way to learn and practice this important skill. 
New Volunteers are welcome and SRA Membership is not required. 
To join the next rotation please contact us..
Thank you everyone for joining us tonight...
We had a total of #___ check-ins. 

I will now return the repeater to it's normal operation...
This is (Your Call-Sign) 

If someone ever does ask you about this "New Net Control Operator" request:
Have them contact Jeffrey, N1XUQ...after the net...or just suggest they see the info posted on the SRA Web site.  Sorry to put you on the spot.  Getting new net control ops is important.  Adds a lot to the fun!!

We hope you all find this info helpful.

Thanks & 73
Jeffrey & the SRA team.

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