Saddleback Repeater Association, 394 Meaderboro Rd, Farmington, NH 03835
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W1SRA / 147.000Mhz  / Negative Offset / 100.0 PL Tone
Welcome to the Sunday Night Net each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM.

About Us:

Saddleback Repeater Association Officers:

Jeffrey A. Zajicek

Milton, NH
Vice President
Michael Lavoie
Rochester, NH
Ann-Marie Lavoie
Rochester, NH


Farmington, NH


Nottingham, NH

Net Manager



Milton, NH

Trustee: Paul D. Marshall, K1WO
Technical Committee chairman: Paul D. Marshall, K1WO  
Technical Committee: Bob KB1BN, Dee AB1ST, Mike N1AMD, Jeffrey N1XUQ.
Web Staff Manager: Fred K1ACL, Jeffrey N1XUQ

Saddleback Repeater Association, Incorporated Constitution

SRA Business Meeting Minutes

You Know You're a Ham if ....
- you buy electrical black tape in ten packs. 
- you've stripped wire with your teeth. 
- you've told your son that, "One day, all this will be yours", and he doesn't respond. 
- you'd rather help a buddy put up a new tower than mow the lawn. 
- you've grabbed the wrong end of a soldering iron. 
- you start giving out RST reports when you are on the telephone. 
- the propagation forecast means far more to you than the local weather forecast. 
- the microphone or visual aids at a meeting don't work and you rush up to the front to fix it. 
- you tell the XYL, when she notices a new rig in the shack, why that has been there for years. 
- your watch is set only to UTC. 
- at night, when you pray, it starts off something like: CQ CQ CQ GOD DE (your callsign). 
- you ever had to patch your roof after an antenna project. 
- Ham radio magazines comprise more than 50% of your bathroom library.
- you ever put a GPS tracker in the XYL's car, just so you could watch her on APRS. 
- you and the XYL took a cruise so you could visit the radio room. 
- you ever tapped out HI in Morse on your car horn to another ham. 
- you ever had an antenna fall down. 
- your teenager refuses to ride in your car because it looks like a porcupine. 
- you know the Latitude and Longitude of your home QTH. 
- you go into the local Radio Shack store and the clerk asks you where something is. 
Also, just for fun, a Jingle, 
sort of a 'Ham' Doctor Sues

To all the Hams great and small,
    keep tuned right here to hear your call.
Sitting? Mobile? Walking far?
    handheld, base or in the car.
Tune right in and have a ball,
    don't wait around to hear us all.
Throw out your call, if time is right,
    morning, afternoon or night.
If help you need, or QSO seek,
    give a holler, don't be meek.
We'll try our best to help indeed,
    or sit.. relax... and talk with ease.
Good times are had when you come back,
    we'll talk awhile, and wait for Jack.
There's someone there most always,
    so have some fun, S R A.

Could use a bit of spit polish 
but thought it could fill in an area.
                                    As Always "'73"